Commit 9935e1d4 authored by Alex Fout's avatar Alex Fout

added script to generate feature files for pre_test and post_test for each patient

parent d5348842
from config import pid_noConcussion, pid_3stepProtocol, pid_testRetest, pid_concussion, feature_functions
from patient import Patient
# go through each list of ids
for lst in [pid_noConcussion, pid_3stepProtocol, pid_testRetest, pid_concussion]:
# for each id...
for pid in lst:
print("Processing pid: {}".format(pid))
p = Patient(pid)
# generate file for pre_test
if p.pre_test is not None:
p.pre_test.get_examples(feature_functions, epoch_size=512) # 2 seconds
if p.post_test is not None:
# generate file for post_test
p.post_test.get_examples(feature_functions, epoch_size=512) # 2 seconds
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