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# Conflicts:
parents f1cb1647 b14b7de6
......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ class Embedding(object):
if "label_data" in kwargs:
self.label_data = kwargs["label_data"]
def train(self, train_data):
def train(self, train_data, label_data=False):
trains an embedding based on passed training data
:param train_data: training data with which to calculate the embedding
......@@ -35,9 +35,10 @@ class Embedding(object):
label_data : 1xn_sample, labels the data
train_data : n_samplexn_features
lda = LinearDiscriminantAnalysis(n_components=self.n_components), self.label_data)
self.lda = lda
if label_data:
lda = LinearDiscriminantAnalysis(n_components=self.n_components), label_data)
self.lda = lda
def embed(self, data):
......@@ -84,8 +84,13 @@ def subBandRatio(raw_matrix, nBands=6):
:return: feature matrix where rows are examples and columns are calculated features
:rtype: ndarray
ratio = []
channel = int(raw_matrix.shape[1]/nBands)
for i in range(channel):
x = raw_matrix[:, i*nBands:(i+1)*nBands]
for j in range(x.shape[1]-1):
ratio.append(np.mean(np.abs(x[:,j])) / np.mean(np.abs(x[:,j+1])))
return np.hstack(ratio)
extractors = {
"correlation": correlation,
......@@ -93,4 +98,5 @@ extractors = {
"rms": rms,
"meanAbs": meanAbs,
"std": std,
"subBandRatio": subBandRatio,
import numpy as np
from matplotlib import pyplot as plt
from itertools import cycle
import sys
from config import pid_noConcussion, pid_3stepProtocol, pid_testRetest, pid_concussion, feature_functions, epoch_size, \
embedding_args, pid_testlist
from patient import Patient
from embedding import Embedding
def centroid(data):
length = len(data)
x_sum = np.sum(data[:, 0])
y_sum = np.sum(data[:, 1])
return np.array([float(x_sum)/length, float(y_sum)/length])
# get training data from un-concussed individuals
noCon_pats= []
step_pats = []
retest_pats = []
con_pats =[]
# for lst, pat_list in zip([pid_noConcussion, pid_3stepProtocol, pid_testRetest, pid_concussion], [noCon_pats, step_pats, retest_pats, con_pats]):
#for lst, pat_list in zip([pid_noConcussion], [noCon_pats]):
for lst, pat_list in zip([pid_testlist], [noCon_pats]):
for pid in lst:
print("Processing pid: {}".format(pid))
p = Patient(pid)
# get examples from pre_test
if p.pre_test is not None:
p.pre_test.get_examples(feature_functions, epoch_size=epoch_size)
# get examples from post_test
if p.post_test is not None:
post = p.post_test.get_examples(feature_functions, epoch_size=epoch_size)
if p.pre_test is not None and p.post_test is not None:
# create training data
PreTestLen = sum([p.pre_test.examples.shape[0] for p in noCon_pats if p.pre_test is not None])
PostTestLen = sum([p.post_test.examples.shape[0] for p in noCon_pats if p.post_test is not None])
label_Data = np.hstack((np.ones(PreTestLen), np.ones(PostTestLen)))
train_data = np.vstack([p.pre_test.examples for p in noCon_pats if p.pre_test is not None]+
[p.post_test.examples for p in noCon_pats if p.post_test is not None])
# create and train embedding
emb = Embedding(**embedding_args)
emb.train(train_data, label_Data)
# visualize embedding
colors = cycle(['r', 'b', 'g', 'y'])
pre_post_distances = []
for p in noCon_pats:
if (sys.version_info < (3,0)):
# for python2 use
color =
# for python3 use
color = next(colors)
pre_emb = emb.embed(p.pre_test.examples)
post_emb = emb.embed(p.post_test.examples)
plt.plot(pre_emb[:, 0], pre_emb[:, 1], linestyle='None', marker="x", color=color, + "_pre")
plt.plot(post_emb[:, 0], post_emb[:, 1], linestyle='None', marker="o", color=color, + "_post")
# calculate centriods and plot a line
pre_cent = centroid(pre_emb)
post_cent = centroid(post_emb)
plt.plot([pre_cent[0], post_cent[0]], [pre_cent[1], post_cent[1]], '-', linewidth=4, color=color)
# record distance
pre_post_distances.append(np.linalg.norm(post_cent - pre_cent))
\ No newline at end of file
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