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the data analysis for accuracy.
### <i> Data </i>
The data is labelled with
The subject data is anonymized with number labels, each number represents a different subject. The letters attached to the numbers
represent the session (i.e. a=first session, b=second session etc.). Each session has two files a .raw and a .art.
The .raw files contain the raw waves and the .art contain artifacting data for each session. Use both files to build raw waves.
<br><u>.art file key </u>
* 0= good data
* 1= bad data that should be discarded
* 2= okay data that can either be used or discarded
### <i> Biosignal Recording and EEG Parameterisation <i>
The EEG recordings were performed with electrodes secured at sites FP1, FP2, F7, F3, Fz, F4, F8, T3, C3, Cz, C4, T4, T5, P3, Pz,
......@@ -96,5 +102,4 @@ Embedding a lower dimensional manifold
### Prediction Model
![Image of Yaktocat]
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