Commit 263decb5 authored by Can Pervane's avatar Can Pervane

Added another experiment where the distance between nonCos pre and post...

Added another experiment where the distance between nonCos pre and post distance is compared to conCos pre and 1st concussian
parent cfc402ed
import numpy as np
from matplotlib import pyplot as plt
from itertools import cycle
import sys
from config import pid_noConcussion, pid_3stepProtocol, pid_testRetest, pid_concussion, feature_functions, epoch_size, \
embedding_args, pid_testlist, channels, subfolder
from patient import Patient
from embedding import Embedding
colors = cycle(['r', 'b', 'g', 'y', 'c', 'm', 'k'])
def embed_and_plot(emb, examples, all_color=None, linewidth=2):
pre_post_distances = []
alpha = 0.2 / np.log(len(examples)) if len(examples) > 1 else 1
for tup in examples:
if all_color is None:
if sys.version_info < (3, 0):
# for python2 use
color =
# for python3 use
color = next(colors)
color = all_color
pid = tup[0]
pre_emb = emb.embed(tup[1])
post_emb = emb.embed(tup[2])
plt.plot(pre_emb[:, 0], pre_emb[:, 1], linestyle='None', marker="x", color=color, label=str(pid) + "_pre", alpha=alpha)
plt.plot(post_emb[:, 0], post_emb[:, 1], linestyle='None', marker="o", color=color, label=str(pid) + "_post", alpha=alpha)
# calculate centriods and plot a line
pre_cent = centroid(pre_emb)
post_cent = centroid(post_emb)
plt.plot([pre_cent[0], post_cent[0]], [pre_cent[1], post_cent[1]], '-', linewidth=linewidth, color=color)
# record distance
pre_post_distances.append(np.linalg.norm(post_cent - pre_cent))
return pre_post_distances
def centroid(data):
length = len(data)
x_sum = np.sum(data[:, 0])
y_sum = np.sum(data[:, 1])
return np.array([float(x_sum)/length, float(y_sum)/length])
# get training data from un-concussed individuals
n_keep = 1000
train_lists = [pid_concussion, pid_noConcussion]
train_bools = [True, False]
examples_lists = [[], []]
train_examples = []
labels = ["concussion", "noconcussion"]
# for lst, pat_list in zip([pid_noConcussion, pid_3stepProtocol, pid_testRetest, pid_concussion], [noCon_pats, step_pats, retest_pats, con_pats]):
# for lst, pat_list in zip([pid_noConcussion], [noCon_pats]):
i = 0
for pid_list, train_bool in zip(train_lists, train_bools):
for pid in pid_list:
print("Processing pid: {}".format(pid))
p = Patient(pid, subfolder, load_session_raw=False, load_session_examples=True)
# get examples from pre_test
pre = post = None
if p.pre_test is not None:
pre = p.pre_test.load_examples(subfolder)
if pre is not None:
if (p.n_concussions == 0):
# get examples from post_test
if p.post_test is not None:
post = p.post_test.load_examples(subfolder)
if post is not None:
if p.intermediate_tests[0] is not None:
post = p.intermediate_tests[0].load_examples(subfolder)
if post is not None:
if post is not None and pre is not None:
if train_bool:
train_examples.append((pid, pre, post))
examples_lists[i].append((pid, pre, post))
i += 1
# create training data
train_data = np.vstack([tup[1][:n_keep] for tup in train_examples] + [tup[2][:n_keep] for tup in train_examples])
# create and train embedding
emb = Embedding(**embedding_args)
# plot both
# visualize embedding
colors = ["r", "b"]
f = plt.figure(figsize=(10, 10))
for label, examples_list, color in zip(labels, examples_lists, colors):
distances = embed_and_plot(emb, examples_list, all_color=color)
plt.title("pre/post test centroid distance".format())
plt.savefig(subfolder + "_pc1vs2", dpi=300, transparent=True)
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